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Operation Pet Scan by Hasbro

Item # 328
Pretend you're a vet: the operation pet scan game has a twist on classic operation gameplay
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About Operation Pet Scan by Hasbro

  • Cavity sam's dog, rex-ray, ate things he shouldn't have, and players need to get them out of his belly
  • Make rex-ray feel better: using the dog-o-scope, players drag the plastic ailment along the path from rex-ray the dog's belly and out his tail end without letting it fall out
  • Watch out for the buzz: if a player strays from the path and the buzzer goes off, the ailment drops. If it falls out, their turn ends. Remove it successfully and he'll bark in relief
  • Silly sounds: the operation pet scan game features silly sound effects. Press the dog's nose to hear fun sounds including barks, belly gurgling etc.
  • Fun kids' game: the operation pet scan game is a great choice for your child's play date or to keep your kids entertained on a rainy day. It makes a fun gift for kids ages 6 and up

Customer Reviews

Amazing service provided by Fluver team. The best I have come across so far. Highly recommended.
Janu Bhatia Asher
London, United Kingdom
Thank you Joshua and team for another beautiful arrangement. Great prompt service! Would highly recommend
Melinda Britto
Mississauga, Canada
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